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Tuesday, December 18th 2018
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Papua New Guinea

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Angore Los call on Govt to Fund Completion of ADR

Monday, 28th November 2017

"ANGORE landowners in Hela Province are calling on the state to fund the completion of the alternate dispute resolution (ADR) process as it did to the clan vetting process for Hides PDL 1, 7 and Juha PDL 9 projects.

The PDL 8 landowner leaders led by chairman Malex Au, David Hayabe (Hari Hilape clan) and Pai Wasa (Pai-Naneya clan) said while they acknowledge the good work of the ADR team led by Justice Ambeng Kandakasi, they wanted the remaining five percent to be completed.

They said as per the minister’s announcement, the PDL 1 and 7 and 9 projects are expected to go through clan vetting process (starting December), but the future of Angore is uncertain as no announcement has been made by the State of how the ADR process would be funded as it did do the clan vetting processes.

“Hides PDL 1, PDL 7, Juha and Angore are integrated projects, and therefore, while the clan vetting process continues in PDL 1, 7 and Juha, we the landowners of Angore, also want the ADR process to continue. So the government must fund the ADR process to start concurrently with the clan vetting process,” they said."

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Contact: Jeffrey Elapa

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