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Monday, March 30th 2020
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The mediation agreement is enforceable title in Romania too, if signed by parties’ lawyers

Sunday, 19th August 2019

"Two weeks before the Singapore signing ceremony of the UN Convention on International Mediated Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation, the Romanian Parliament adopted modifications to the Romanian Mediation Law according to which, among many other new provisions, the mediation agreement will be enforceable title in Romania if signed by parties’ lawyers.

With this modification, it is hoped that there will be more certainty (and the perception of certainty) with regard to the outcomes of the mediation process and to mediation in general. Therefore, in Romania, in the near future is expected a confidence boost in mediation and mediators, coming from users, lawyers, referrals and the society in general.

The long-overdue modification is aiming to improve the legal framework for mediation and to stimulate the use of mediation, given the terrible impacts of the Romanian Constitutional Court Decision no. 266/2014 who left mediation Romania in a 5-year “Long Night”, although the Romanian Constitution provides for a 45-day timeline."

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Source: Craiova Mediation Center Association
Language: English
Contact: Constantin-Adi Gavrila

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