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Tuesday, February 25th 2020
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Singapore Convention Series – Strategies of China, Japan, Korea and Russia

Wednesday, 19th September 2019

"On 2 August 2019 the “3rd Asia Pacific Conference, Singapore Convention on Mediation: Strategies of China, Japan, Korea and Russia” was held in Seoul, Republic of Korea (Korea).

The Conference centred on the Singapore Convention on Mediation 1) (Singapore Convention), with distinguished speakers from across the region sharing their opinions and analysis of countries’ perspectives on the Singapore Convention.

This blog post summarises how the Singapore Convention is perceived by countries in the Asia Pacific region, indicating how it may affect existing legal practices for international commercial mediation. It will focus on the perspectives of China and Korea, who have since signed the Singapore Convention, and Japan and Russia, who have yet to sign."

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Source: KCAB International
Language: English
Contact: Olivia Sommerville

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