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Thursday, January 21st 2021
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A Neuro-Linguists Toolbox – Self-Care and Improvement: Working with Physiology

Wednesday, 23rd January 2020

"For readers who are new, the “Neuro-Linguist’s Toolbox” series is an ongoing series focused on using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in our practice of amicable dispute resolution. The first section (with 6 entries) focused on rapport (the first of which can be found here).

This second section focuses on matters of self-care and personal improvement for mediators. For ease of reference and the convenience of readers, I will list in this and subsequent entries the series the entries in this section."

 Select the link to read this and previous entries in full.

Source: National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law
Language: English
Contact: Joel Lee

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