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Friday, October 30th 2020
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SID Knowledge Series: Demystifying Mediation

Monday, 8th March 2016

"Programme Outline

Business deals and contracts may sometimes go awry, and could potentially put your organisation in jeopardy. If the conflict escalates, you may find a pending lawsuit looming over your organisation. Going to court puts your company at financial and reputational risk due to the exorbitant costs involved with legal proceedings and legal fees. Even if your company wins the law suit, having your dispute splashed over the media would still result in a negative impression formed by the public, causing reputational damage.

Hence, mediation is increasingly gaining traction as a popular and preferred alternative dispute resolution mechanism. The Singapore International Mediation Centre and Singapore International Mediation Institute were also set up in 2014 with support from the Government, to develop Singapore into a dispute resolution hub.

Is mediation really as good as it sounds? Does going for mediation imply that one has a weak case? Is mediation enforceable? Are lawyers required for mediation? Is mediation merely a fishing expedition for lawyers on both sides to find out more about the case? Demystify mediation and consider for yourself whether to jump on the mediation bandwagon."

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