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Tuesday, October 20th 2020
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International Conference on Alternative Dispute Resolution: 10 Years of Mediation in Slovenia

Thursday, 2nd September 2011

<p class="MsoNoSpacing">Dear mediators and professional public,</p><p class="MsoNoSpacing">We hereby inform you that the Slovenian association of mediators in cooperation with Ministry of justice of the Republic of Slovenia and SEEMF (<span>South Eastern European Mediation Forum)&nbsp;</span>is organizing an International conference on alternative dispute resolution taking place in Ljubljana from 2 &ndash; 3 September 2011.</p><p class="MsoNoSpacing">Sponsor of honor is the President of the Republic of Slovenia Dr. Danilo T&uuml;rk.</p><p class="MsoNoSpacing">The conference takes place on the 10<sup>th</sup>&nbsp;anniversary of mediations in Slovenia and on the 5<sup>th</sup>&nbsp;anniversary of the Slovenian association of mediators.</p><p class="MsoNoSpacing">&nbsp;</p>

Source: SEEMF
Language: Slovenian

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