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Wednesday, January 16th 2019
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Bitrewards Partners With Jurs Dispute Resolution Platform
Monday, 6th November 2018

"Consensus-based dispute resolution providers 

Mediation As An Effective Dispute Resolution Method
Wednesday, 8th March 2018

"Binding character of a dispute resolution clause setting pre-arbitral obligations, a matter of wordingThe Swiss Fede...

LexisNexis Dispute Resolution Law Guide 2017
Thursday, 16th December 2016

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Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution 2016 Annual Review
Thursday, 16th December 2016

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Eversheds Switzerland appoints leading transport partner
Tuesday, 11th February 2015

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Litigation and alternative dispute resolution: annual review 2014
Tuesday, 14th January 2015

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Mediation in 16 Jurisdictions Worldwide
Tuesday, 27th March 2013

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Legal Update on ADR in Switzerland and the European Union
Tuesday, 25th July 2012

<p>&quot;The year 2011 was a landmark year for the growth of mediation in Switzerland and abroad for all civil and commercial matters. It is likely to be followed by a notable increase in the use of mediation, both domestically and international...

High ranking chimps act as mediators
Monday, 27th March 2012

<p>We couldn&#39;t help ourselves with this one!</p><p>&nbsp;&quot;Fighting chimpanzees sometimes look for an impartial member of their group to mediate in their conflict, according to researchers from the University of Zuric...

Argumentation in Dispute Mediation: A Reasonable Way to Handle Conflict
Tuesday, 29th February 2012

<p>&quot;This&nbsp;2011 book by&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Sara Greco Morasso</a>&nbsp;concerns a novel approach to the analysis of the importance of communication in di...

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