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Saturday, April 4th 2020
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Law Projects, By-laws And Mediation Rules

Swiss Rules For Civil-court Procedure

CSMC-SKWM Rules of Commercial Mediation

Geneva?s Cantonal Law Recognizing Mediation in its Code of Civil Procedure

<p>Translation of Law No. 8931 of October 28, 2004, Modifying Geneva&#39;s cantonal&nbsp;law recognizing mediation in&nbsp;Civil Procedure (E 3 05) (Civil Mediation); this is the only one of Switzerland&#39;s 26 cantons to have recog...

Swiss Rules of Commercial Mediation

Schweizerische Mediationsordnung fur Wirtschaftskonflikte

Regolamento Svizzero di Mediazione Commerciale

Reglement Suisse de Mediation Commerciale