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Saturday, October 19th 2019
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Turkey Signs The Singapore Convention: A New Era In Enforceability Of Mediation Agreements In Foreign Countries
Wednesday, 19th September 2019

"The mediation procedures have become a mandatory stage of commercial litigations in Turkish Law as of January 01, 2019. After only 4 months of practice, it appears that the success rate of mandatory mediation procedures is %65, according to the data...

Mandatory Mediation In Labour Disputes – An Overview
Thursday, 19th July 2019

"On 1 January 2018 applying to a mediator was made a prerequisite when filing a lawsuit concerning monetary claims by employees or employers arising out of employment contracts, collective labour agreements or reinstatement claims. As a result, parti...

Damages Awards In IP Right Infringement Cases
Tuesday, 10th April 2019

"IP right owners suffer huge damages in some IP rights infringement cases as they invest substantial amounts in their IP rights. Therefore, compensation claims are of vital importance for them in order to recover their damages, to protect their re...

Key Developments And Predictions For Trademark Law In Turkey – 2019
Thursday, 5th April 2019

"It has now been over two years since the Industrial Property Code No. 6769 ("the IP Code") came into force. While the interpretation and implementation of most of the issues in relation to the key changes introduced by the IP Code have bee...

Disputes Between Shareholders In Commercial Life
Thursday, 5th April 2019

"Nowadays, trade is mostly carried out by certain individuals or companies which prefer to cooperate with the other individuals and companies. By means of such cooperation, partnerships are established and larger profits are targeted by merging share...

Energy disputes - procedural commercial/civil law in Turkey
Tuesday, 13th March 2019

"Use the Lexology Getting the Deal Through tool to compare the answers in this article with those from othe...

One last step before litigating your commercial receivables: mandatory mediation
Thursday, 8th February 2019

"Introduction In order to improve time and cost efficiency, in recent years the Turkish legislature has created legal initiatives to encourage private parties to settle through compromise rather than litigation. In this regard,...

Turkey introduces mandatory mediation for money related IP dipsutes
Thursday, 8th February 2019

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1st Anniversary of Mediation As Condition Of Trial Symposium in Turkey
Thursday, 8th February 2019

Attached you will find in Turkish and English, recent statictics shared by Turkey's MoJ focussing on results and future of mandatory mediation in turkey.

Mandatory Mediation In Labor Law And Legal Character Of Mediation Minutes
Monday, 29th January 2019

"INTRODUCTION Mediation has taken its place as one of the alternative dispute solutions with the Law on Mediation in Civil Disputes numbered 6325 ("Law No:6325") in Turkish law. The provision of Article 3 of the Labor Courts Code ("...

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