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Tuesday, October 16th 2018
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Mediation In Turkey: The Time Has Come

Monday, 28th November 2017

"Over the last thirty years, it is now a fact that alternative dispute resolution methods have been increasingly preferred over traditional methods of resolving disputes. Instead of resolving disputes before the courts, stakeholders have enjoyed variety of methods that have proven to lighten the workload of courts.

Importantly, it should be recalled that the one of the primary purposes of alternative dispute resolution methods is to provide parties a consensual atmosphere so that disputes can be resolved constructively, swiftly and efficiently.

Among these alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, mediation stands out as a flexible vehicle, conducted in the guidance by an independent and impartial third party called mediator.

Mediation provides opportunities that cannot be achieved in court, i.e. forestalling potential communication problems with other party, thus allowing to discuss problems and reveal the points that may lead to a settlement."

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Source: Guzeloglu Attorneys-at-law
Language: English
Contact: Abdulkadir Guzeloglu and Tarik Kurban

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