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Friday, December 14th 2018
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UK (England and Wales)

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Baffling airline rules blamed for 4,000 complaints

Saturday, 5th November 2017

"Almost 4,000 complaints were made against airlines including British Airways and EasyJet last year amid warnings that carriers were hiding behind red tape to deny passengers their rights.

Travellers flooded a new watchdog with objections over delayed flights, cancellations, lost bags and “bumping off” — when passengers are forced off overbooked planes.

The complaints were made during the first 12 months of a system that forces airlines to offer passengers the right to an independent appeal when they think that they have been badly treated.

The new body, which covers BA, EasyJet, Thomson and Thomas Cook, warned that companies were using baffling terms and conditions to confuse passengers. In its first annual report, the body said that airline rules should be “written in plain English and easy for consumers to understand”.

It comes after controversy over the alleged withholding of compensation for passengers who suffered cancellations and delayed flights."

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Contact: Graeme Paton

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