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Wednesday, December 19th 2018
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UK (England and Wales)

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The Art of Mediation – Using mediation to resolve disputes in the Art Market

Monday, 17th October 2017


In this seminar, organised as part of Mediation Awareness Week,art market professionals will join members of Art Resolve to share experiences of disputes within the art market which could have benefited from mediation. Drawing on real-life stories and scenarios, our speakers will give a valuable insight into the art world and all its workings.

They will put forward historical cases of disputes and invite Art Resolve’s mediators to explain how outcomes could have differed if mediation had been sought. This event will be of interest to any business manager or solicitor interested in finding practical and economical ADR services with leading experts from the art market.

The event is part of Mediation Awareness Week which runs from 14-20 October. The event is organised by Mediation Awareness Group (MAG)which is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) established by a group of professional mediators to:

  • Promote awareness of the benefits of mediation, including delivery of Mediation Awareness Week
  • Inform users of mediation (people and organisations) about the process and its outcomes
  • Support and promote dialogue between the UK’s independent professional mediation umbrella organisations"

Language: English

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