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Saturday, December 7th 2019
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UK (Scotland)

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How in tune is your mind?

Thursday, 9th August 2019

“If two people are in a room, there are actually six to consider: “What each person is; what each person thinks he or she is; and what each person thinks the other is.” So began a recent Guardian editorial on relations between Iran and the USA. This observation is attributed to the late wife of the UN secretary general, António Guterres, who was a psychoanalyst. It brings another dimension to the idea that there are three truths: your truth, my truth and the truth.

Both observations appear to have a lot of resonance for those engaged in mediation.  They imply that not only do we need to invest time in helping build understanding of how different parties see the world in relation to the issues in dispute, but there is also a need for understanding of how the people involved are viewed. Separating the people from the problem doesn’t mean that the people can be ignored as attention is focussed on finding a way forward on the issues.

This is probably further complicated if you add in the constituencies that are not in the mediation room. How and what they think and feel and how they relate to those in the room can have a significant influence on decisions taken – particularly if they add pressure or even an element of fear."

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Source: Core Solutions Group / Scottish Universities Insight Institute
Language: English
Contact: Charlie Woods

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