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Monday, April 19th 2021
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UK (Scotland)

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Bringing Mediation into the mainstream Civil Justice in Scotland

Friday, 6th July 2019

"This report is the work of a small group of people, representing a range of interests, who came together at the end of 2018 and worked through the first half of 2019 to explore how greater use of mediation might be encouraged in our civil justice system in ScotlandThe fact that the Scottish Government chose to work with Scottish Mediation to address the issue is testament to the fact that the Government is prepared to look at radical steps to attempt to improve users’ experience of the civil court system in Scotland and continues the work that is being done across Scottish civil society generally to do all that can be done to make Scotland a better place in which to live and workIn particular we note that mediation is consistent with the aspirations of the National Performance Framework and, more generally, with a society in which people are valued, relationships are enhanced, choices are made by those most affected, constructive solutions are sought for difficult problems and financial and other resources are wisely deployed We have no doubt that the recommendations in this report sit well with a civilised and forward‑looking approach to our country’s futureMediation is of course only one part of creating a culture where we seek to resolve difficult issues constructively and with dignity and respect for all concerned It sits in the wider context of encouraging more skilled negotiation and consensual dispute resolution, and recognising that negotiation and good communication generally should always be encouraged."



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Language: English
Contact: John Sturrock QC and Alun Thomas

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