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Wednesday, February 19th 2020
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Visa Launches a Certification Program to Train Payment Card Disputes Professionals
Wednesday, 30th January 2020

"Visa Inc. (NYSE: V) plans to launch a new certification program and fund up to 500 scholarships on dispute resolution – an area in high demand across the payments ecosystem.

Tips for Mediation of the Toughest Construction Disputes
Wednesday, 23rd January 2020

"Settlement of a complex construction dispute at mediation can mean the end to sleepless nights for our clients. Resolution at mediation avoids the unpredictable risks and inordinate costs of seeing a dispute through to the merits. But mediation o...

Volunteer Mediators Helping to Clear Backlog in Hudson County Courts
Wednesday, 23rd January 2020

"BAYONNE, NJ - Bayonne’s Municipal Court along with courts throughout Hudson County may ...

The Intersection and Impact of Personality Type and Conflict Management Style
Wednesday, 23rd January 2020

"No one really enjoys it, but conflict is a fact of life. By understanding the relationship between personality types and conflict management styles we can achieve more productive dispute resolution discussions and increase the potential for mutually...

10 Mediation Tips for Settling Business Disputes
Wednesday, 23rd January 2020

"For practitioners of the law, mediation is a well-known concept that became part of their lives. To businesspeople, however, the idea of mediation is foreign. When they enter a dispute, they expect to win the case with their arguments. Instead of th...

Visa Offers 500 Scholarships In Dispute Resolution
Sunday, 16th December 2019

"American multinational company Visa proposes to fund 500 scholarships to students and workers to offset the cost of training for dispute resolution.

Conflicts in the Family Work Environment
Thursday, 13th December 2019

"When work treats you “like family” 

National Mediation Board simplifies process for workers under Railway Labor Act to remove a union they oppose
Saturday, 1st December 2019

"WASHINGTON, D.C. – In late July the National Mediation Board (NMB) issued its final rule simplifying decertification procedures under the Railway Labor Act (RLA). The change enables workers in the airline and railway industries to more easily ...

Pursuing a Mediation Career Without a Law Degree
Saturday, 1st December 2019

"A career in mediation can be a reasonably lucrative choice that delivers challenges and rewards for those who are suited. Mediators, conciliators and arbitrators are expected to 

Updates To Kings and Bronx County Supreme Court ADR Processes
Saturday, 1st December 2019

"New York, N.Y. (November 26, 2019) 

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