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Thursday, January 17th 2019
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Meet the Mediators Who Brokered $1B in 401(k), Bias Settlements

Thursday, 9th February 2018

"Thousands of employment-related class actions are filed each year in federal courts across the nation, and both sides tend to turn to a small group of high-profile attorneys known for their track records in reaching big-ticket settlements.

Mediators—usually neutral attorneys who help the parties to negotiate an agreement to end their dispute—play a key role in most if not all of the major federal court employment-related class actions that are settled. When settlement talks start, some lawyers look at the names of the mediators proposed by opposite counsel to judge how serious the party is about engaging in negotiations.

Mediators Hunter Hughes III and Robert Meyer are responsible for a chunk of the action. Between the two of them, they’ve helped negotiate over $1 billion in employment-related class action settlements over the past 10 years. Hughes and Meyer, who haven’t worked together and don’t know each other, both started mediating cases after long careers practicing law. For this story, Bloomberg Law did an analysis of data over the past decade but both men have been mediating longer than that."

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