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Wednesday, January 16th 2019
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Jackson Police Ready Conflict Resolution Course for Public

Sunday, 14th May 2018

"The city of Jackson will offer conflict resolution classes to the public, in an effort to lower crime numbers. It is a reaction to one of the deadliest months of the year, this past April.


“One of the things we are going to do, starting May 5, is a conflict resolution class,” Chief Anthony Moore said. “It’s going to be put on by our training staff at the police academy. It’s open to the public. We encourage people to come out and address the issues they may have. We will have workers there to talk to people about conflict resolution.”

John Owen works as a consultant Families First for Mississippi, a statewide family resource and education center. He says the Jackson Police Department offering conflict resolution courses to the public is a great idea

“There is a lot more resources than people are utilizing,” Owen said. “It’s interesting to meet someone who has been in jail for like five years, looking at the death penalty, and literally they can backtrack, and say 15 minutes earlier ‘had I had the skills to future pace, slow down, and take a look at the situation, I wouldn’t be sitting here.”"

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