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Thursday, August 22nd 2019
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The Art of Settling Differences

Wednesday, 14th March 2019

"There’s no denying that the courtroom intrigue and high drama depicted in such popular Hollywood productions as A Few Good Men, … And Justice for All, and Law & Order is quite alluring. There’s also no denying that these depictions aren’t exactly representative of how the law plays out in the real world, where most litigation in the 21st century doesn’t advance to the courtroom.

“People who go to law school may view litigation the way it’s conveyed in movies and TV shows, which is that lawyers spend a lot of time in court,” says Jean Sternlight, the Michael and Sonja Saltman professor of law at the UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law. “But the truth of the matter is that very few cases actually go to court these days.”

Which is precisely the reason why UNLV Law offers a Dispute Resolution Concentration, which launched last year and teaches students how to be effective lawyers and client advocates in a legal environment that’s different today than it was in past generations."

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