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Thursday, June 4th 2020
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Benefits of Volunteer Mediation

Tuesday, 26th February 2020

"As a legal professional, it’s your job to pick sides. Whether you’re a lawyer fighting a case or a paralegal gathering the evidence to back it up, your aim is to make a strong argument for your client.

Becoming a mediator, then, might seem like a stretch for you and your inherent skills. Rather than choosing a side, the mediator works for both parties. Families, professionals and even strangers seek mediation, and it’s the mediator’s job to listen to the issue at hand. Then, they help highlight the best course of action, one that’s likely to be a compromise for both sides.

Surprisingly, plenty of lawyers find that training and volunteering as a mediator is a rewarding way to spend their time. More specifically, here are four of the biggest benefits that come with the gig:"

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Contact: Kayla Matthews

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