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Thursday, June 4th 2020
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Reframing: A Conflict Resolver's Superpower

Tuesday, 26th February 2020

"At a recent mediation conference, I saw a T-shirt emblazoned with, “My Superpower Is Mediation, What’s Yours?” (Available here: As you probably know, all superheroes have a few tricks they rely on, such as smashing bad guys, blasting stuff, and, of course, the awesome power of flight. Mediators also have a range of powers, and I believe that “reframing” is our equivalent of flying. Here is how to make it work in your conflict resolution efforts. When a speaker makes a volatile or destructive statement, you reword (or “reframe”) it to highlight the speaker’s needs and also defang the initial comment. The technique requires that you first look beyond the original wording to determine the speaker’s actual wants or needs. Next, you recast the statement in a neutral or interest-based way."

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Language: English
Contact: Christopher Sheesley

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