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Monday, February 24th 2020
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Nevada S.C. Schedules Hearings On Foreclosure Mediation Rules

&quot;A new state law -- outlined in Assembly Bill 149 - created the program, which is aimed at helping struggling homebuyers keep their primary residence.&quot;

Extension Sought On Creditor Mediation Law Sunset Date

&quot;The state&rsquo;s agriculture economy was in crisis in 1986 when the Farmer-Lender Mediation Act was enacted, along with other initiatives to help farmers weather the bad times. The provision remains viable because every two years the Legisl...

Congress Considers Employee Free Choice Act

&quot;If a collective bargaining agreement is not completed within 90 days, either party may refer the matter to the National Mediation and Conciliation Service (NMCS).&quot;

ADR Related Legislation

This web page covers data on US ADR related legislation.

The Administrative Dispute Resolution Act of 1996

<p>Pub. Law 104 - 320 (amending Pub. Law 101 - 552 and Pub. Law 102 - 354).</p>

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