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Thursday, October 1st 2020
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22/9/2015 - 2016-09-22
Country : USA
City : Spring Field
Type : Mediation
Level of difficulty : Introductory

Cost : Please inquire for further detail

Conflict and Dispute Resolution Certificate

<p>&quot;Conflict and Dispute Resolution The intent of the undergraduate certificate in Conflict and Dispute Resolution is to provide concentrated training in conflict processes that can be applied to a variety of degree and professional areas. Students completing this program will have a better understanding of the dynamics of conflict and the skills to effectively negotiate conflict in a wide range of settings. Admission Requirements To be admitted students must have 60 credit hours, have a 3.00 GPA, and submit a personal statement explaining their reasons for seeking the certificate and how the program will meet their professional goals. Meeting the minimum application requirements does not guarantee admission to the certificate. Program Requirements Complete the following 3 courses: COM 205(3), 511(3), 521(3) Complete 1 credit hour of internship experience that directly relates to conflict and its application in professional settings. Students must have completed COM 511 and COM 521 or 6&quot;&nbsp;</p><p>Select the link to learn more about this programme.&nbsp;</p>


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