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Saturday, September 21st 2019
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MEDIATION FOR ALL, OR MEDIATION AT ALL: How to make a living out of mediation?

Tuesday, 12th April 2017

"Mediation is already here, and it came to stay. Each day there are more and more supporters of mediation – from legislators to public institutions, and professionals who are gaining more awareness about the potential of mediation.

However, it also has a long way to go. Those who decided to start working in the field need a big investment in their qualifications that imply both time and money and most of the times the question is the same for all of us: How can we make a living out of mediation?

While I am also in search of answers myself, I can share the approach that we took in the south of Spain.

The premise is this: either we manage to include the resource to mediation in people’s mindset and in our judicial and public institutions or mediation has little possibilities to succeed. This is to say, either we collaborate in order to implement mediation for all, or there will be no mediation at all."

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Language: English
Contact: Virginia Vilches Such

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