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Friday, May 14th 2021
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Embracing the Magic of Conflict

Sunday, 25th November 2019

"Holidays are a wonderful thing.

Not only are they a great opportunity to step outside the obligations and scheduling of daily life, they open the space where the bigger picture lives.
And so it was for me in my lovely apartment at the top of the cliff in Riomaggiore on the Cinque Terre in Italy.

As I stepped inside the front door, the cups in the glass cabinet caught my eye. In my busy overextended life back in Sydney I would have passed by. But here, relaxed and present, I took another look. The visual image of the 4 cups and their messages seemed very symbolic. In this setting, ‘conflicts’ lost its disruptive and destructive force and simply became, along with ‘dreams’ just another element of daily life.
I was immediately reconnected with a favourite text The Magic of Conflict, by the improbably named Thomas Crum and never out of print since first published in 1998."

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Source: University of New South Wales
Language: English
Contact: Rosemary Howell

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