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Friday, May 14th 2021
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Czech Republic

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Mediators As Facilitators Of Future Online Dispute Resolution

Sunday, 25th November 2019

"Online mediators are increasingly in demand in the first online state courts. However, with the inevitable emergence of artificial intelligence-aided online courts, what will the future role of these mediators be?

What is the difference between online dispute resolution (“ODR”) and state online courts? The short answer is none. Only a few years ago ODR was considered to be the same as “ADR on the Internet” and therefore a different animal from state courts. Such a view that is based on procedures being different for state courts and ODR (meaning e-ADR) has become obsolete in the past 2-3 years. The first successful online civil courts have been implementing the same range of ODR processes as the best private ODR platforms. These are:

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Source: PRK Partners Law Firm
Language: English
Contact: Zbynek Loebl

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