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Sunday, September 19th 2021
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Czech Republic

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Fifth Anniversary of Mediation in the Czech Republic

Sunday, 21st August 2017

"Mediation as an alternative to classic dispute resolution in other than criminal matters was formally incorporated into the Czech legal system in September 2012.

Although it was formally regulated only five years ago, mediation has been used in the Czech Republic since the early 1990s, practised by unregistered mediators who learned from mentors with experience from the USA. As of 2001, mediation started to be used in criminal matters as well. After that, Czech legislators implemented (not really on time, but still in time) Directive 2008/52/EC on Certain Aspects of Mediation in Civil and Commercial Matters, thus formally broadening the scope of mediation in the Czech Republic. Regulated mediation is performed by certified registered mediators – a list of whom can be found on the website of the Czech Ministry of Justice – in both cross-border and local disputes.

A lot has changed since 2012. If nothing else, at least mediation is less frequently confused with meditation or medialisation, but there is still a lot of work to do. Hopefully this short article will help cast light on why and when this form of dispute resolution should be used and when parties should opt for something else."

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Source: Schoenherr
Language: English
Contact: Jitka Kadlcíková

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