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Sunday, September 19th 2021
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Hong Kong

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Searching order, Cheng speaks on investor-state disputes
Wednesday, 30th January 2020


Hong Kongs protest crisis rages on and judicial independence is under fire, but where is our justice minister?
Sunday, 25th November 2019

"...Timing, indeed, is not Cheng’s forte. But unfortunately, in politics, timing is everything. It was unfathomable that she was away on holiday and

Why Mediation Should Be Used To Resolve Child Custody Disputes In Hong Kong
Wednesday, 15th August 2019

"When parties decide to separate and divorce, this can be devastating for their children. Parents are all too often embroiled in their own dispute to realise the effect that their actions are having on the children. It has been proven that high confl...

Remediated mindset
Sunday, 6th May 2019

"As a professional advocate, I derive the greatest satisfaction from trials, either with a Jury or a first-class judiciary, so I have a vested interest in the process of litigation. Consistent with this preference, I used to regard mediation as...

Tech development encouraged: CE
Tuesday, 24th April 2019

"Chief Executive Carrie LamGiven our status as a leading international dispute resolution centre in Asia Pacific, I believe that Hong Kong is indeed the ideal location for this event, which brings together 500 professionals from various sectors...

Hong Kong and Australia agree investor state dispute resolution in new FTA
Sunday, 15th April 2019

"Hong Kong and Australia have signed a wide-ranging free trade agreement in a variety of areas including trade in goods and services, government procurement, construction, communications, and intellectual property. The "I...

Hong Kong aims for arbitration edge with planned ODR platform
Tuesday, 10th April 2019

"Hong Kong is presently developing a new online dispute resolution (ODR) platform – called Electronic Business Related Arbitration and Mediation, or eBRAM – which aims to take much of the cost and hassle out of the arbitration proc...

Dispute Resolution Issues in Belt and Road Commercial Transactions and The Role of Hong Kong
Tuesday, 16th January 2019

"What are the practical considerations of companies when drafting litigation / arbitration clauses in Belt and Road Commercial Contracts?The current status of Hong Kong as a dispute resolution center in Belt and Road C...

Why HK can become infra dispute resolution centre
Friday, 17th November 2018

"The city's independent judiciary and long-established respect for the rule of law make it a strong candidate. However, its proximity to China is both a help and a hindrance."Read in full: ...

Oriental experience for resolving investor state disputes
Sunday, 8th October 2018

"Oriental experience” or “Chinese experience” are distinctive words used to describe an uncanny dispute-resolution mecha...

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