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Thursday, July 29th 2021
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Hong Kong

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Mediation Ordinance Passed By Hong Kong?s Legislature
Wednesday, 12th July 2012

<p style="font-family: Arial, Tahoma, Verdana, Helvetica">&quot;The Mediation Bill that we wrote about in our e-bulletin of 28 November 2011 has now been gazetted by the Hong Kong Government. This means that the Bill is now an Ordinance (known a...

Transcript of SJ's remarks at media session after "Mediate First" conference
Wednesday, 17th May 2012

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?Great Mediation? and ?Great Reconciliation? after the rise of C Y Leung and the coming Governance of Hong Kong
Monday, 1st May 2012

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Boosting judicial independence
Tuesday, 11th January 2012

<p>&quot;Secretary for Justice Wong Yan Lung has affirmed by international rating agencies the continual upholding of the rule of law will ensure Hong Kong&#39;s competitive edge as the only common law jurisdication within China under the ne...

Hong Kong introduces a new mediation ordinance
Saturday, 18th December 2011

<p>&quot;In February 2010, the Working Group on mediation set up by the Hong Kong Government published a report (the Report) on the recommendations for promoting and facilitating mediation in dispute resolution.</p><div class="descripti...

LC: Speech by SJ in moving Second Reading of Mediation Bill
Wednesday, 1st December 2011

Hong Kong (HKSAR) - Following is the speech (English translation) by the Secretary for Justice, Mr Wong Yan Lung, SC, in moving the Second Reading of the Mediation Bill in the Legislative Council meeting today (November 30).

Draft Mediation Bill - Comments from the Hong Kong Bar Association
Thursday, 18th November 2011

Please open the attached document to read the Bar&#39;s comments.

Why Mediation will grow - the synergy of the fast developing and the developing global partners of mediation
Sunday, 17th October 2011

<p>&quot;In dispute resolution or conflict management, there are partners in the global development of mediation. The West is generally regarded as the fast developing partner, while in other parts of the world, mediation is developing, or just ...

Mediation Services - question and reply from Secretary for Justice
Sunday, 10th October 2011

<p style="font: normal normal normal 12px/normal 'Courier New'; margin: 0px">&quot;Some members of the public have relayed to me that their&nbsp;demand for mediation service is on the increase, but related&nbsp;systems ranging from train...

Mediation - Recent Court Decisions in Hong Kong
Sunday, 10th October 2011

<p>&quot;Registrar Lung has been keen and proactive in giving directions on mediation and case management. Whilst mediation is still developing in Hong Kong and directions or clarifications from the Court are welcome, it is important for parties...

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