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Thursday, July 29th 2021
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International Chamber of Commerce

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2020 ICC Mediation Competition enters semi final showdown
Saturday, 16th February 2020

"Over the past week , 66 university teams have been competing in the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) International Commercial Mediation Competition. Now it’s down to four t...

3 things to expect from ICC Mediation Week
Wednesday, 23rd January 2020

"From 6-12 February, ADR professionals and students hailing from the four corners of the globe will converge in Paris, France for the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) much-anticipated Mediation Week (ICCMW). The world business organ...

3 reasons why arbitration and ADR should play a role in climate disputes
Saturday, 1st December 2019

"ICC has published a new toolkit to streamline dispute resolution in relation to climate disputes.

ICC International Chamber of Commerce : Record number of cases signals ongoing ADR momentum
Sunday, 25th November 2019

"Here are 5 reasons to get excited about these appealing dispute resolution methods:"Select the link to learn more. 

4 reasons to download the new ICC DRS app
Wednesday, 19th September 2019

"The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is taking its leading dispute resolution services digital with the launch of a brand-new mobile application. The ICC Dispute Resolution Services (DRS) app is the official tool for dispute resolution ...

ICC leaders commence new and renewed terms
Thursday, 19th July 2019

"A new term for ICC’s Executive Board began on 1 July 2019, following the election in May of three new members and commencement of a second term for three others serving members. " Read in full:

ICC issues declaration on the next century of global business
Tuesday, 29th May 2019

"On behalf of 45 million companies worldwide, the International Chamber of Commerce has issued a declaration setting out a vision to shape the future of global business for the next century. Mirroring the declaration issued 100 years ago...

ICC Africa Conference aims to boost adoption of arbitration in the region
Tuesday, 22nd May 2019

"The 4th edition of the ICC Africa Conference on International Arbitration is set to take place in Lagos, Nigeria from 17-19 June. Co-organised by national committee, ICC Nigeria, the annual event aims to create awareness of the strategic impor...

Digital Library
Sunday, 15th April 2019

Check out this link to the ICC's digital library with a wide variety of articles, dosiers and commission reports for your review.

New round of Global Dialogue on Trade debates launches
Tuesday, 10th April 2019

"International Chamber of Commerce Secretary General John W.H. Denton today launched a new round of debates on the Global Dialogue on Trade platform, the only digitally enabled dialogue among leaders from government, academia, and business to d...

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