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Thursday, July 29th 2021
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Mediation theory is only as good as its last experiment

Tuesday, 24th February 2016

"This week the South China Morning Post featured an article entitled “Why the theories of Einstein, climate change or evolution can never be proved right”.

Referring to recent world headlines that Einstein’s theory on gravitational waves had finally been proven, the writer, Timothy Wotherspoon, argues that a scientific theory can never been proven right. He explains that a scientific theory is only as good as the result of its last experiment. You see, a scientific theory seeks to predict consequences of future actions including actions not previously observed in scientific experiments. A good scientific theory is one with good prediction ability—such as Einstein’s theory. While we can prove such a theory wrong by setting up a new experiment and demonstrating an example of it not applying as predicted, we can never prove it right. This inability to prove a theory right is essential to the nature of open scientific inquiry and, according to Wotherspoon, the progress of science. If we thought we were right and had proven it, then we would be tempted to just sit back, rest on our laurels, and congratulate ourselves that we now knew everything. Scientific enquiry would stop. 

Naturally, this got me thinking … What of scientific enquiry and progress in the mediation field?" 

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Source: Conflict Coaching International (CCI)
Language: English
Contact: Nadja Alexander

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