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Sunday, September 19th 2021
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Global Citizenship…Global Pound…Mediation And Mediation Competitions

Thursday, 11th August 2017

"This year I have been privileged to attend three wonderful international commercial mediation competitions, in which students from around the world come together with mediators and other professionals to practice negotiation in mediation and mediation itself, and to talk about best mediation practice. These are the International Chamber of Commerce International Commercial Mediation Competition in Paris, Lex Infinitum in Goa, and the Consensual Dispute Resolution Competition in Vienna. I have taken on different roles at these events, from coaching a team, to mediating with students, to judging students’ performances and giving feedback.

Each time I have left feeling exhilarated. Each time my work as a university teacher, mediator and trainer has been given a wonderful boost. These events are amazing meetings of people and minds, and their popularity is growing. More events of the kind are being established around the world. This is as good a place as any to thank all the organisers, sponsors and volunteers who do so much to make them happen.

There is more to this than just the fun of spending a few days with like-minded people from around the world – itself a fine thing to do. The fellowship and sharing that these events facilitate is special, and I am sure that mediation is a profession which is made for exactly this kind of sharing. Mediators, so my experience, are often wonderful people. But what we are doing at these meetings is also engaging in a global conversation and a global education experience that has a number of higher levels – aims both covert and overt that I would like to reflect on here. There are links here to the Global Pound Conference Series too."

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Contact: Greg Bond

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