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Sunday, September 19th 2021
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The Xth Conference of the World Mediation Forum

Monday, 9th July 2019

"The World Mediation Forum (WMF) is an international charitable organization, founded on interdisciplinarity and at the service of mediators worldwide.

The WMF’s mission is the development and exchange of knowledge, information and competencies in all mediation areas, notably through the regular organization of international congresses for more than fifteen years (2003: Argentina, 2005: Switzerland, 2007: Israel, 2009: Venezuela, 2012: Spain, 2017: Canada).

The Xth Conference of the World Mediation Forum in Luxembourg, 9 to 11 July 2019, wants to devote itself to trying to understand how mediation can be organized and developed when it has so many objectives that are seemingly difficult to reconcile. Thus, the 2019 conference will try to bring, through four highly interrelated roundtables and about forty presentations, a significant contribution to this question: 'Mediation: A transversal approach with multiple purposes'

Through three well-recognized mediation outcomes (conflict prevention, social regulation, and institutionalization) but also a thorough analysis of the multidimensional field of intercultural mediation, participants in the Xth Conference of the World Forum of Mediation will be brought to reflect on the place that mediation takes, should take, or could take in our modern societies."

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Source: World Mediation Forum
Language: English and French
Contact: Pascale Neuman -

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