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Sunday, September 19th 2021
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International - Robot mediator settles first ever court case
Sunday, 25th February 2019

"A ‘robot mediator’ has been used to settle a dispute in the court system, for what is believed to be the first time.

The online tool, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms in place of a human mediator, settled the three-...

International - Changing the World? An Inspiring Encounter at the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition
Sunday, 25th February 2019

"I was again privileged to be at the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition in early February, which this time included a new event – an intergenerational round table, workshops for student and professional participants together....

International - Latin America Dispute Resolution Update – The Latest Developments in Cross-Border Disputes Involving the US and Latin America
Wednesday, 14th February 2019

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International - More on Field-Based Mediation Research
Thursday, 8th February 2019

"Michael Leathes in his recent  thought provoking post argues for the ne...

International - What If Mediation Science Originated In The Real World?
Thursday, 8th February 2019


Early in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1891 short story A Scandal in Bohemia, Sherlock Holmes gives Watson a lecture on the difference between seeing and observing. To test how well Watson understood, Holmes hands him an unaddressed, undated,...

International - Decolonizing Mediation: Exploring Questions of Knowledge and Power Shaping African Mediation
Thursday, 8th February 2019

"When debating questions about the failures and successes of African mediation, an incisive analysis of power and knowledge hierarchies is usually absent. Furthermore, there is no direct discussion of whether mediation needs to be decolonized. Afr...

International - Japan and Hong Kong agree arbitration and mediation cooperation
Monday, 29th January 2019

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International - Book Review: NEGOTIATION Things Corporate Counsel Need to Know but Were Not Taught by Michael Leathes
Wednesday, 3rd January 2019

"Michael Leathes is internationally recognized as former corporate counsel in large companies but – first of all – he is perceived and praised today as a prime international authority in the realm of mediation and negotiation. Local...

International - Future Of Investor-State Dispute Settlement Mechanisms Under The United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement
Wednesday, 6th December 2018

"Dentons discusses the impacts of the new Full text >
International - The Problem With Smart Contracts

Thursday, 30th November 2018

"Smart contracts—computer-encoded sets of instructions that ‘self-perform’ when certain pre-determined criteria are met—are poised to revolutionise the legal landscape in years to come.

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