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Sunday, September 19th 2021
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Singapore And Fiji Ratify The Singapore Convention On Mediated Settlement Agreements Taking A Significant Step Towards Its Entry Into Force
Tuesday, 4th March 2020

"Yesterday, on 25 February 2020, Singapore and Fiji became the first two countries to deposit at the United Nations Headquarters their instruments of ratification of the Singapore Convention, more formally known as the United Nations Convention on In...

CEDRs 2020 Updates Aim To Drive Continuity And Procedural Trust In Commercial Mediation
Tuesday, 26th February 2020

"ollowing our "Mediation Masterclass" session for in-house lawyers, in conjunction with CEDR co-founders and seasoned mediators, Eileen Carroll and Karl Mackie in January 2020, a number of the themes explored in relation to mediation past, ...

Law Society plans mediation clause in property template
Wednesday, 30th January 2020

"THE Law Society plans to insert a clause into its widely-used property transaction agreement template to make mediation the first port of call for parties to resolve disputes.

A Neuro-Linguists Toolbox – Self-Care and Improvement: Working with Physiology
Wednesday, 23rd January 2020

"For readers who are new, the “Neuro-Linguist’s Toolbox” series is an ongoing series focused on using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in our practice of amicable dispute resolution. The first section (with 6 entries) focused on r...

Singapore Case Note: Enforceability of settlement agreements
Sunday, 16th December 2019

"Since the signing of the 

Mediation, Strategic Trust and the Seven Elements
Thursday, 13th December 2019

"It is trite that developing trust with parties and as between the parties is a vital part of the mediation process and what makes it work. This is of course easier said than done. I have previously written on trust in “

Singapore Ministry of Law weighs in on importance of global mediation efforts
Wednesday, 10th October 2019

"Two representatives from the Singapore Ministry of Law have spoken out about the historical signing of the Singapore Convention of Mediation, which is set to impact cross-border commercial disputes going forward.&...

Free accredited mediation services for domestic workers, employers and employment agents
Wednesday, 10th October 2019

"SINGAPORE - Foreign domestic workers can now get free mediation services at a non-profit organisation that may lead to legally binding settlement agreements. The Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support and Training (Fast) on Tue...

Singapore Convention Series – Strategies of China, Japan, Korea and Russia
Wednesday, 19th September 2019

"On 2 August 2019 the “3rd Asia Pacific Conference, Singapore Convention on Mediation: Strategies of China, Japan, Korea and ...

A Neuro-Linguist’s Toolbox – Self-Care and Improvement: Preliminary Thoughts
Wednesday, 19th September 2019

"I have been looking into matters of self-care and personal improvement for mediators recently and was surprised to find that, even though there has been some writing on this, there isn’t a lot. So, I would like to focus my next section o...

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