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Sunday, September 19th 2021
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Why Your Experience Is Important In International Dispute Resolution Reform
Wednesday, 2nd May 2019

"Whether we are talking about arbitration, mediation or litigation, it seems that international dispute resolution systems are evolving rapidly. Think of the recent emergence of international commercial courts in ascendant global cities like Dubai...

Singapore Dispute Resolution Quarterly Newsletter
Sunday, 15th April 2019

Select the link to read this collection of articles from Baker and McKenzie.

MCIs response to PQ on data protection complaints referred for alternative dispute resolution
Thursday, 5th April 2019

"Parliament Sitting on 1 April 2019 QUESTION FOR WRITTEN ANSWER 1201. Ms Sylvia Lim: To ask the Minister for Communications and Information (a) since the Personal Data Protection Commission started receiving complaint...

IPOS to extend its Mediation Promotion Scheme
Thursday, 29th March 2019

"The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) is extending its Mediation Promotion Scheme for a further three years. Effective as of 1 April 2019, the Enhanced Mediation Promotion Scheme (EMPS) will see an increase in funding from SGD 5,...

Singapore Case Note: Interpretation of MSAs and Inadmissibility of Evidence from Mediation
Monday, 19th March 2019

"As the practice of cross-border mediation grows, it is imperative for legal and other professional advisers involved in drafting mediated settlement agreements (MSAs) to become familiar with how different courts deal with litigation about MSAs. I...

New mediation centre to help resolve building sector disputes
Wednesday, 14th March 2019

"A mediation centre that focuses on resolving disputes within the construction sector was launched yesterday to help firms avoid expensive and time-consuming court battles. The Singapore Contractors Association (SCAL) set up the Singapore...

Singapore Convention Series – Harmonization Of China’s Legal System With The Convention: Suggestions For The Implementation Of The Convention In China - Part 2
Wednesday, 14th March 2019

"This post, the second of a two-part series, examines further potential problems of implementing the Singapore Mediation Convention in China and proposes corresponding solutions. The

Singapore Convention to strengthen mediation as means to resolve international disputes
Thursday, 8th February 2019

"On 20 December 2018, the UN General Assembly adopted the UN Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation, known as the…"Select the link to read this article by registering your inte...

Singapore to be dispute resolution hub for Belt and Road
Monday, 29th January 2019

"City state sets up mediation panel to settle conflicts between China and project locations"Read further: 

Singapore launches International Dispute Resolution Survey
Monday, 29th January 2019

"SINGAPORE, Jan. 23 (Xinhua) -- Singapore launched the first of its kind of International Dispute Resolution Survey on Wednesday in a bid to help firms and corporations make sound strategic decisions and to facilitate dispute resolution processes....

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