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Sunday, September 19th 2021
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A Mediator’s Journey – Reflections on Age
Tuesday, 22nd June 2016

"There is an Internet meme that goes “Somewhere, there is a 21 year old in a 50 year old’s body going ‘What the hell happened?'”.

Lawyer Nish Shetty is all fired up about dispute resolution
Tuesday, 22nd June 2016

"..."The good thing about doing dispute resolution is that each case is different... You may be helping a bank one day, a manufacturing unit another day, a construction company or an oil and gas contractor..."Select the link to re...

A ‘good first step’ for new Singapore court hearing cross-border disputes
Thursday, 10th June 2016

"Lawyers that Channel NewsAsia spoke to noted that the speed at which the judgement was handed down marked a positive first step for the Singapore International Commercial Court (SICC).

The mediator as a tourist
Friday, 4th June 2016

"I’ve just returned from a week in Vientiane, the capital of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, and that week away gives me both a [slight] excuse for a late blog entry and a couple of reflections on the outsider/observer role of both ...

S'pore society urged to 'embed mediation in DNA'
Wednesday, 26th May 2016

"Singapore's legal profession and other sectors of society here were yesterday urged to "embed mediation in our DNA".

More power sought to crack down on unethical retailers
Wednesday, 19th May 2016

"SINGAPORE — By the end of this year, public officers from the Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board (Spring Singapore) could be able to march into any store to seize evidence as part of their investigation against errant retailers, and ...

Singapore Developments – Supreme Court Practice Directions
Tuesday, 18th May 2016

"The year 2016 has so far been a significant one for Singapore in the area of ADR. The opening of the Singapore Legal Year saw the Chief Justice of Singapore, Mr. Sundaresh Menon introducing various ADR-related initiatives in family justice cases and...

Crowd-Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown
Wednesday, 5th May 2016

"I begin with two poetic images. One is from an 8th century Taoist poem – 

The Choice of Court Agreements Act - Enhancing International Dispute Resolution in Singapore
Tuesday, 27th April 2016


More mediated disputes resolved, says Case
Monday, 19th April 2016

"More consumers are settling monetary disputes with businesses through mediation, said the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case).

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