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Monday, June 14th 2021
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UK (England and Wales)

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The LCILP 2nd Annual Conference 2017

Monday, 16th May 2017

The London Centre of International Law Practice’s 2nd Annual Conference on Energy Arbitration and Dispute Resolution in the Middle East and Africa will be held on the 16th and 17th May 2017. The conference will focus on key topics affecting every day challenges in the energy arbitration and dispute resolution sector and will present a global insight into energy arbitration and dispute resolution in the regional context of Africa and the Middle East and technical legal considerations in energy disputes.

The London Centre of International Law Practice (LCILP) comprises high-level professional international law practitioners, dedicated to the advancement of global legal knowledge and the practice of international law. It offers specialised legal training programmes, law policy advice, and technical assistance with legal issues, including assembling research and publications. Its consultants are renowned international practitioners in the public and private sector across a range of legal disciplines and they provide a wealth of expertise, extensive knowledge and experience in international law, international relations, dispute resolution and geopolitics.

Together we will focus on the top line elements of Energy arbitration and dispute focusing specifically on the following topics:
•Current geopolitical and macro economic issues affecting the energy industry in our focus regions
•A regional focus on Africa, considering the particular issues affecting the energy markets in Africa
•Issues affecting the legitimacy of the international arbitration regime – transparency and diversity and whether a permanent tribunal and/or appeal court is required for investment arbitration 
•Examining the current state of dispute resolution from the point of view of the energy industry and whether the current systems meet the needs of industry
•The Eastern Mediterranean, including issues arising from the recent finds in that region  and it’s impact on established markets in the Middle East
•Trends and technologies likely to impact the practice of arbitration and dispute resolution in the future

The Conference will gather the experts from all sectors involved with decision making and on the ground implementation with the aim to solve the highly contentious issues surrounding us today.

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