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Thursday, July 29th 2021
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UK (Scotland)

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The World Mediators Alliance on Climate Change
Tuesday, 4th March 2020

"In a recent mediation involving farmers, this was the response to my early inquiry about how things were going, generally. These days, I find that the topic of climate change and its effects arises, incidentally, quite often in mediations across a w...

Citizens Assembly – and Kindness
Wednesday, 30th January 2020

"Recently, I had the privilege of facilitating a session at Scotland’s Citizens Assembly at which politicians from four political parties took the opportunity to discuss with the Assembly members (over 100 people randomly recruited from across ...

First steps taken towards making mediation part of civil justice
Thursday, 13th December 2019

Mediation – the next steps
Thursday, 13th December 2019

"The Scottish government response to the independent review of mediation in Scotland has been issued this week. Ash Denham, legal affairs minister, has commented on momentum building towards mediation reform referring to proposals for review by (1...

If it looks like mediation? And other ramblings….
Saturday, 1st December 2019

"What to write about this month? There is a lot on the go: General Election in the UK, Citizens Assembly in Scotland, Climate Change reports predicting the worst.

Rebuilding Empathy in Mediation
Wednesday, 10th October 2019

"In an increasingly turbulent and polarised world, where fear and anxiety are on the march and divide and rule is more in evidence, it is tempting to circle the waggons to keep those who disagree with us at bay. In this sort of environment diff...

Enforced mediation may lead to further difficulties
Wednesday, 10th October 2019

"Unhelpful and expensive mandatory process will not attract complex commercial cases to the Scottish courts, says Malcolm Gunnyeon As litigants increasingly look for quicker and more cost-effective alternatives to the courts, m...

Benefiting business in Scotland’s commercial courts
Wednesday, 10th October 2019

"Richard McMeeken, partner at Morton Fraser, reflects on the benefits of the commercial courts system following its 25th anniversary earlier this year. Specialist courts in Scotland are nothing new. In 19...

Mediation's Values: Still Searching
Sunday, 19th August 2019

"Introduction I begin with an apologia. Since “each of us, of necessity, must encounter the world from some perspective or other” (Burr, V, An Introduction to Social Constructionism London: Routledge 1995, p.160) I should ...

How in tune is your mind?
Thursday, 9th August 2019

“If two people are in a room, there are actually six to consider: “What each person is; what each person thinks he or she is; and what each person thinks the other is.” So began a recent Guardian editorial on relations between Iran an...

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